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Carol Ann Vierbuchen-Gasber is a resident and registered medium at the Lily Dale Assembly, Lily Dale, NY. She gives mediumship readings there year round and also teaches classes during their summer season.

Carol worked in the medical field as a Physician’s Assistant for twenty years and has served as a medium, healer, lecturer, and teacher for over fifty years throughout the United States, Canada, and Iceland.  She has personally worked and studied with notables Olga Worrell, Jose Silva, Paul Sauvin, Jean Condon, and others, and has taken part in helping law enforcement agencies in solving cases of missing persons. Carol used her psychic skills to assist in the research for the best-selling book, The Secret Life of Plants. She also helped with the 33rd book of the well-known Baha’i, Stanwood Cobb.

Carol’s lectures about out-of-body experiences, mediumship, spirituality, and psychic abilities are full of personal accounts, as well as clear and concise explanations. Her mediumship readings are known for their accuracy and detailed evidence.

Carol Gasber-Medium's Eyes Book 2 BOOK: A new book was published about Carol in 2017, Carol Gasber: About Life, Love, Mediumship and the Spirit World. It is volume 2 in the Through A Medium’s Eyes series by Ruth Shilling.

In this book, in addition to answering questions about life, love, mediumship, and the spirit world, Carol shares about her OBE experiences with a light-being teacher, explains the three bodies and why we need sleep to energetically “recharge,” tells about the arrival of her “personal assistant” (a spirit person), and much more. In addition to the wonderful stories, there is also advice about meditation, ways to connect with loved ones in spirit, and tips for out-of-body explorations.

In the “Through a Medium’s Eyes” series, Ruth Shilling interviews those with the gift of clairvoyance, or “second sight,” to find out how they see this world and the next. Each book brings to you the perceptions, beliefs, and knowledge (and lots of stories!) of one of these extraordinary people. Do our pets still come around us after they die? Do our deceased loved ones know what we are doing and what we are thinking? What happens when a person takes their own life? Do psychic mediums–who communicate with people in the spirit world, spirit guides, and master teachers–believe in God?

Lists of recommended books and other resources are also included.


An excerpt from a blog post about a woman’s reading with Carol:

“… OK, I thought, so maybe she’s a good guesser, good reader of body language, whatever. I liked her quite a lot, but I still wasn’t quite sure if it was all real. After all, after a lifetime of reading people cold, you surely learn something about how to do it.

Then the stunner.

She came up with the name of a guy who died when I was about 18 and she knew that he died in a car wreck. A name, a date, the method of death, and at this point she still didn’t even know my name. Come to think of it. I never did tell her my name. Not even at the end.

This young man from my past had a message for me that was actually very helpful. I hadn’t thought of him in decades and was never close to him, but his message actually helped me a lot. It addressed a sliver of a relationship we actually did have briefly, and mostly it came down to, let your pain and suffering go. It gets better in the next life…”

Excerpt from: My Psychic Reading With a Lily Dale Medium
Updated on April 18, 2016 

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Sep. 14, 2016 12am EST

For an art project on Lily Dale, a small town in Chautauqua County founded in 1879 as a home to the American Spiritualist movement, the virtual reality collective known as Flatsitter conducted interviews with nine mediums from Lily Dale. The interviews, which were used for the Lily Dale project, were transcribed by Flatsitter’s Kyle Marler and are published here with permission. 

Carol Gasber

Spiritualism is a way of life.

I live it and try to teach my students that. For it helps you so much all throughout life, every aspect. I tell them, life can be very easy if you do two things: to live according to natural law and know that you have spirit guides and teachers. Whether you want them or not—they’re there and they’re trying to help us, guide us, protect us and support us.

Spiritualism. Probably the thing that makes it different from some other religions is that we believe in personal responsibility. We’re responsible for everything that we do, everything that happens to us. We do create our own happiness or unhappiness. By whether we obey or disobey natural law. So, like I said, it’s a way of life. I live it. You live it. Spiritualism.

The basic definition of spiritualism — science, philosophy, and religion of continuous life according to what we learn through the phenomenon of spiritualism which is mediumship—communication with spirit.

I travel out of my body with control. It’s something I’ve done all my life. I remember doing it as a small child. I was very easy to put to bed because then I knew I’d be alone and uninterrupted, and I would relax my body. My spirit teacher told me about progressive relaxation. I would relax my body and get into an altered state. In other words, it’s like heading towards sleep. But I maintain my awareness. I got to the point where, one more move, I’d fall asleep. And, I’d pop right out of my body and take off. There would be my spirit guide there to go with me.

I went to the moon one time. I was about four years old. In the morning, I came down to my father, and said, “I went to the moon last night.” And he said, “Well is it made of green cheese like they say?” I said, “No, it’s just rocks and dust. It’s dirty.”

It’s something every single one of us can do. In fact, it’s the whole purpose of sleep. To get the human brain (which by the way is nothing by a computer and operates according to what we’ve programmed into it), this brain is gonna say: “You can’t fly. I know you can’t fly.” And it would make you stay in the body. So, you want to get that out of the way so that you can travel. We do it every time we fall asleep. We go out of our body. We do this to recharge our energy body. Like a battery recharging. We all have the physical body, which is of course atoms. We have an energy body, which basically science recognizes that we produce electric energy. It’s measurable. But we just have this energy body which houses the soul.

The soul is the true brain. It’s the “I am” presence. It’s the real us. Our real mind. It’s the true mind. The energy body houses the soul. But that energy body has to recharge. And that’s how it does it. We maintain the connection to the physical body. It’s all very natural. We do it automatically, we have and always will. Until the physical ceases to function. It’s a very natural thing. It maintains a connection. In fact, a lot of people call it a silver cord. Just like an electric cord going from the energy body going to the physical body to keep the machine running while you’re away.

When we’re out of the body, we have experiences. Spirit can slow down their vibration and visit with us in that state because we’re energy. It keeps the molecular body going. We can travel places, have wonderful experiences and adventures, or visit friends, family members who are sleeping and join up with their electrical body. And visit with them.

We take the memory and it’s filed in the brain. And, the brain files it under the category of dreams. That way it’s acceptable no matter how crazy it is. A dream is acceptable. I feel that 80% of the memories we have with dreams are actually memories of what we do while out of the body. I teach a class on learning control of out-of-body experiences. There’s tremendous interest. People want to know. Because sometimes they have a memory of being out of their body.

Basically, the philosophy that we have comes from spirit. But there is no such thing as death. Life is eternal and goes on. And the whole purpose of all of this is we need to refine our soul. Like you refine gold. And we refine our soul by learning to understand our true nature and our relationship to creation—how we were created. And that there is an intellect behind everything…

My life is a prayer. All my thoughts are prayers. I usually just thank God for the guidance I receive. Ask that I continue to receive the guidance. And thank the Creator for the beauty and perfection of creation. May the highest and best always come through.







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